We’re good at what we do because we’ve got good people behind us. They’re knowledgeable in their fields and in their clients’ fields, too. And they deeply understand the value of teamwork. That’s why we draw from the collective insights of our people and our clients to produce solutions that they’ll always value.

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Mancini Duffy believes that a building is more than steel, concrete and glass. It is a space that emanates a personality and a purpose within the community in which it is built. It embraces the spirit of the neighborhood while still creating its own unique identity.

We design buildings to be inspirational yet welcoming; efficient yet functional; visually memorable but an expression our client’s vision, not ours. We create architecture that not only adds value for its owner, but which also create places.




A successful interior design solution must be more than beautiful.  It must first reflect the client’s vision for the business then meet the needs of the user in a unique and creative fashion.

Our creativity springs from the diverse and multi-disciplined backgrounds of our professionals, but our inspiration comes from our clients. Understanding that client needs and company culture are specific to each industry, and more so, to each client, we listen to our clients to develop creative solutions that are actionable and achievable, and reinforce the values, mission and brand of the company.

Ultimately we are in business to enhance the performance of our client’s enterprise through design.




While we can’t predict the future, we can prepare for it. That’s why our priority is to interpret the needs of our clients and combine their vision with a thoughtful and innovative approach that takes both current and projected needs into account. Our processes and procedures are established early on, and aimed at delivering high-performance business, building and environmental solutions.

We believe these five core areas to be the basis of good planning: Space Planning, Urban Planning, Master Planning, Project Planning, and Strategic Planning. With these core planning areas, we’ve become expert at creating optimum performance solutions that meet our client’s current needs and provide them with the tools to plan a bright future.